Friday, June 19, 2009

Today is my Birthday!!

Happy 25th Birthday to me!!

Beautiful Happy Birthday

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
There's so many things, I just want to say.
You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions,
We're all so grateful, for your calm reactions.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
You've always been there, when we needed you to stay.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte,
Our love for you, we wish to convey.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
We wish you the best, without any delay.
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end,
Here's a hug and kiss, we're ready to send.

by Martin Dejnicki


Anonymous said...

happy birthday..a year older a year wiser..and it is more wonderful growing older as a mother...

ar.nie said...

Happy 25th Birthday sis!
Wah wah, mudanya... gorjes slalu yeah! ;)

AyuMi said...

hi...happy birthday new friend!

mummywildan said...

mummy....selamat hari tua. ayden bagi ape? mana update father's day. akak no cake because jln2 alamanda cr kedai kek cikai2 x jumpe le. yg ade SR so ekonomi tgh meleset beli 1 piece only from SR. kuangkuang...

anggun said...

seminggu berlalu, baru ku baca ini post... hepi besday mummy ayden!

xiedax said...

zana...happy belated besday..ingat aku?ieda ex-mrsm stg